Setup Github Repo from Visual Studio Code

  1. Create the Project or directory on your file system. My local folder is called formik-sample. You can also create using the create-react-app Post here for a sample ReactJS App.
  2. Create a repository on Github. I’ve named it sample-form-reactjs.
  3. Click on Clone or Download. Copy the SSH link.
  4. Open the local folder in VS Code as created in Step 1.
  5. In the Terminal Window in VS Code, type the following commands:
  6. git config –global someid
  7. git clone
  8. After this is done, just follow the same steps for git stage/commit/push etc.

For # 3:

However, if Step 5. gives error like below:

Check your network firewall settings if you’re doing it from Office. Try it out from your home and it should work.

Also, you can clone git@github which is SSH version but for that you have generate ssh keys and have to set it in local environment and if you don’t want to set up that then just use https version in the above clone command.

If you face branch related errors, since you might have already created a repo on Github, you can create a new branch as below:

git checkout -b some-sample

Then push the changes to the new branch:

git push --set-upstream origin some-sample

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