Set focus on tabbing ReactJS

I was working on Material-UI ExpansionPanel and had come across a task where I had to set focus on tabbing through them using keyboard. So when you press space on Focus, the Panel would open/close.

The ExpansionPanel sample implementation would be as below inside render:

	  <div className={classes.root}>
		{ => (
		  <ExpansionPanel key={item.userType} expanded={this.state.expanded === item.userType} onChange={this.handleChange(item.userType)}>
			  expandIcon={<ExpandMoreIcon />}
			  style={{backgroundColor: "#e6e6e6", border: '1px solid silver'}}
			  <Typography className={classes.heading}>Heading</Typography>
			... display data here...

The above code is mapping through an array of PanelTypes for creating multiple ExpansionPanels.

The class would require the pseudo-class :focus to be used for tabbing through the Expansion Panel heading:

const styles = (theme) => ({
	//There might be other classes here..
  heading: {
    fontSize: theme.typography.pxToRem(15),
    flexBasis: '33.33%',
    flexShrink: 0,
    fontFamily: "Verdana,Arial,sans-serif",
    '&:focus': {
      outline: "-webkit-focus-ring-color auto 1px"

Similarly, other pseudo-classes can be used inside the styles e.g. ::after, ::before etc. as per their own usage.


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