What is adapter pattern with example in c#

The Adapter pattern is a structural design pattern that allows two incompatible interfaces to work together. It involves creating a wrapper or adapter class that can translate the methods and properties of one interface to another, allowing objects that use one interface to work with objects that use a different interface.

Here’s an example of how the Adapter pattern can be used in C#:

// Adaptee interface
public interface ITarget
    void Request();

// Adaptee implementation
public class Adaptee
    public void SpecificRequest()
        Console.WriteLine("Adaptee: SpecificRequest");

// Adapter implementation
public class Adapter : ITarget
    private Adaptee _adaptee;

    public Adapter(Adaptee adaptee)
        _adaptee = adaptee;

    public void Request()
        Console.WriteLine("Adapter: Request");

// Client code
static void Main(string[] args)
    Adaptee adaptee = new Adaptee();
    ITarget target = new Adapter(adaptee);


In this example, the ITarget interface defines the target interface that the client code expects to use. The Adaptee class represents an interface that is incompatible with ITarget. The Adapter class is the bridge between the two interfaces. It wraps an instance of Adaptee and exposes a method that matches the ITarget interface, while internally calling the appropriate method of Adaptee.

When the client code calls the Request method on the target object, it is actually calling the Request method of the Adapter object. The Adapter object, in turn, calls the SpecificRequest method of the wrapped Adaptee object, effectively translating the call from the ITarget interface to the Adaptee interface.


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