CSS Media queries adjust to screen width in asp.net

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I have two html tables in my Asp.net project, first one has normal html and 2nd one has a Repeater control. Due to some recent changes, it was difficult to align the width of the two tables. Also, I was facing issue on 2 different resolutions as below:

  1. 1920×1080 on my laptop.
  2. 1366×768 on my Desktop.

To solve this, I used the css media queries to cater to minimum width resolution of 1400px for MyTable and for above 1400px width resolution for OthersTable as shown below:

@media only screen and (max-width: 1400px) {
    .MyTable {
        width: 92%;

    .OthersTable {
        width: 90%;

@media only screen and (min-width: 1400px) {
    .MyTable {
        width: 90%;

    .OthersTable {
        width: 90%;

Media queries introduced in CSS3 let you include some properties only if certain condition is met. In the above case, I’m using screen-width as the condition. Below I’m using the class in my html tables as defined in the media queries in the aspx code.

<table id="divMyTable" visible="false" style="border-collapse: collapse;" class="MyTable" runat="server">

<table id="divOthersTable" visible="false" style="border-collapse: collapse;" class="OthersTable" runat="server">

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