Send email with classic asp

Below is an example function used in my classic asp code to send e-mail with Attachments. The e-mail is written in HTML format and attachments picked up from the physical path on the Server where the Application is hosted on IIS.

I’m using a hard-coded path in the sample below for the Attachment example. You can create a dynamic string by fetching the path from the DB.

I’m using CDOSYS mail provider object below to send e-mail.

Function GenerateEmailCEF(senderemail, recipient)
MailProvider = "CDOSYS"
EmailFmt = 0 'For HTML, 1 is for Plain Text ' SMTP Server Config
Dim rsSMTPSendUsing, rsSMTPServer, rsSMTPServerPort, rsSMTPSendUsername, rsSMTPSendPassword, rsSMTPUseSSL Dim SMTPSendUsing, SMTPServer, SMTPServerPort, SMTPSendUsername, SMTPSendPassword, SMTPUseSSL

SMTPSendUsing = "1"
SMTPServer = "smtp.xx.xx" 'Change as per your configuration.
SMTPServerPort = "25"
SMTPSendUsername = ""
SMTPSendPassword = ""
SMTPUseSSL = "false"

if MailProvider = "CDONTS" then set objMail=CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

if MailProvider = "CDOSYS" then set objMail =CreateObject("CDO.Message")

objMail.From = senderemail
objMail.To = recipient
objMail.Subject = "Test Subject"

if MailProvider = "CDONTS" then objMail.MailFormat = EmailFmt
if MailProvider = "CDONTS" then objMail.BodyFormat = EmailFmt

'Created only HTML format
emailbod = "<html?<HEAD?<TITLE?</TITLE?</HEAD?<BODY?" 'Fix this
emailbod = emailbod & "<BR?Mail Body." 'Fix this

'Add attachments to mail.
newfn = "c:\Data\myfile.pdf" 'Path on the Server.

if MailProvider = "CDONTS" then execute ("objMail.AttachFile(" & newfn & ")")

if MailProvider = "CDOSYS" then execute ("objMail.AddAttachment(" & newfn & ")")

if MailProvider = "CDONTS" then objMail.Body = emailbod
if MailProvider = "CDOSYS" then objMail.HTMLBody = emailbod

objMail.BodyPart.Charset = "UTF-8"
objMail.HTMLBodyPart.Charset = "UTF-8"

if MailProvider = "CDOSYS" then
objmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = SMTPSendUsing
objmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = SMTPServer
objmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = SMTPServerPort
objmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = SMTPUseSSL

if SMTPSendusername <> "" then
objmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = SMTPSendusername
objmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = SMTPSendPassword
objmail.Configuration.Fields.Item ("") = 1
end if

end if

set objMail=Nothing
End Function

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